The Blended Experience

Beyond the opportunity to interact in the classroom, professors and participants also engage in four intensive periods of online learning. The highly interactive online courses are taught via case studies, group collaboration and class forums. The professors guide the flow of the conversation, pose questions, and summarize learning at the end of the week-long session to support students in arriving at key learning objectives. New content is introduced each week through practical business cases and supplementary materials that come in a multitude of formats - all available through the same online platform.

Online courses give participants the chance to read, reflect and contribute at their leisure, from any location, around the clock. Given the senior profile of the class, there is ample time for sharing experience and perspectives among classmates. Groups will work together via numerous internet tools, such as email, chat, messaging, video conferences, forging strong working relationships between team mates and developing virtual leadership skills which are critical for success in today’s business environment.


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