Program Calendar

The program has 5 face-to-face periods for a total of 7.5 weeks in residence. The face-to-face periods take place at the campuses of IE in Madrid, Spain, Brown University in Providence, USA and on location in Cape Town, South Africa. Between the face-to-face periods participants continue learning through interactive online modules led by senior faculty members.

Online learning periods occur between each face-to-face module, ensuring continuous learning and interaction between classmates for the duration of the program.

2018 Intake In-Residence Session Dates:

Period 1 Madrid March 5-16, 2018
Period 2 Providence June 18-27, 2018
Period 3 Madrid October 15-23, 2018
Period 4 Cape Town January 12-19, 2019
Period 5 Providence May 16-26, 2019
Commencement Providence May 26, 2019


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