IE Brown Executive MBA FAQs

The Program

How many students are there in the IE Brown Executive MBA class?

The average class size is about 25 participants, with a maximum of 30 per intake. Class sizes are kept small to ensure optimum interaction between participants and faculty during both the online and face-to-face classes. The right mix of participants is the key to this unique program. The diversity, experience and alignment with the IE Brown philosophy are the most important element when selecting the class.

Do the same professors teach in the classroom and online?

In almost all courses, yes. Given the logistics for some of the courses, some faculty will not be delivering online sessions. However, participants will interact with their online professors in the classroom too.

What are the residential dates and locations for the March 2014 intake?

  • Period 1: Providence, 9-21 March 2014
  • Period 2: Madrid, 22-28 June 2014
  • Period 3: Providence, 5-11 October 2014
  • Period 4: Cape Town, 11-17 January 2015
  • Period 5: Madrid, 25 May to 5 June 2015

Admissions and Financial Aid

Who should apply to the IE Brown Executive MBA? What are the admissions requirements of this program?

We are looking for experienced executives from diverse academic and professional backgrounds, with international exposure and a minimum of 3 years of experience in managerial position. Management experience can include experience directing projects, teams and direct reports. A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent is required…

What is the deadline to apply to the IE Brown Executive MBA program?

There are no application deadlines for the IE Brown Executive MBA. Admissions operate on a rolling basis but given the limited number of places on the program, we recommend applying well in advance of program commencement. Please contact the admissions team directly at to check if spaces are available for the next intake.

How long will the Admissions Committee need to review my application?

Once the completed application and all the documents and the information needed to assess a candidacy have been received, the process duration, including interview, is approximately 2-3 weeks.

What part of the application is most important? What should I focus on?

The entire application is important and each item submitted will be reviewed in detail; however we recommend that candidates focus on the application form and corresponding essays. All documents are required for full admission to the program, but we look in particular at a candidate’s professional and managerial experience, career development, international exposure, motivation to join the program and interpersonal skills.

If the number of years of work experience that I have or my age is different than the IE Brown Executive MBA class average, can I still apply to the program?

Most executives that apply for this program have over 10 years professional experience; however we will consider cases for exceptionally qualified profiles with slightly less managerial experience. A candidate’s ability to demonstrate career progression, to share experience, to tell us about what they have learned from the past are all key factors in demonstrating a fit with the class profile. The class average is a guideline representing a range of ages and experiences, all able to enhance debate and share in the learning experience with their cohort.

What financing opportunities are open to IE Brown Executive MBA candidates?

Three types of financial aid are applicable to this program: loans, scholarships and fellowships. For additional information please check our Financial Aid webpage or contact the admissions team directly at Only successfully admitted candidates will be considered for Financial Aid.

What’s included in the program fee?

Tuition fees, course materials and some meals during the residential periods.

How much should I budget for board and lodging, during the 7 weeks of residential periods?

The cost of board and lodging for the 7 weeks of residential periods are highly dependent on the country of residence and travel preferences of each participant. A high-end estimate of about 15,000 USD can be budgeted to meet the cost of travel for the entire course. However, the program management team does provide support in seeking lower hotel rates in each residential location.