April 28, 2016RI NPR

Brown Series Focuses On Air We Breathe

Recently RI NPR covered an art event that took place as part of Atmospheres, a conference on air, climate and the environment. The brainchild of IE Brown Professor Lenore Manderson, the conference kicked off with a sound installation at the greenhouse atop the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society. Usually quiet, this week, sounds that mimic bird calls filled the space. Artists from Brown’s music department produced these bird calls with a rare, vintage synthesizer.

“So we're looking at atmosphere both as a victor and an element that is polluted, particularly with climate change and global warming,” said Manderson about the conference.

The conference was keynoted by Mwangi Githiru, an ornithologist from Kenya. His talk focused on air pollution and reforestation efforts in Africa.

To hear RI NPR’s coverage of this conference including a snippet of synthesized bird calls, go here.


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