July 5, 2016NPR

Brexit Fallout Continues: Its Implications for the World

Eastman Professor of Political Economy and IE Brown Professor Mark Blyth comments on day four post-Brexit on the continued fallout - scared global markets, jockeying for power among British politicians, and intensifying discussion about whether Brexit could be altered or avoided.

Blyth sees a democratic dilemma at the heart of this issue in regards to the possible breakup of the UK. He argues that if you are going to honor the majority of British citizens that voted to leave the EU, than you should honor the majority of Scottish citizens who voted to stay. He also comments on the schismed nature of the vote along class and generational lines. He advises us to keep our eyes on the UK Parliament for next steps given their out-sized power in a country with no constitution.

Expanding the lens, he warns us to beware the real phenomenon of Global Trumpism - a force that is eating away at the center by populist and left and right movements with opposing solutions to a shared anger over free-trade global markets skewed for elites.

Other guests on the show:
• Michael Goldfarb, Global Post
• Charles Cooke, National Review Online

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