November 10, 2016Brown University

Professor Blyth: Trump Rides Global Trend in Rise of Right-Wing Politics

The day after the end of the historic 2016 presidential election campaign, Professor of Political Economy and Political Science and IE Brown Professor Mark Blyth offered an international perspective on the success of President-Elect Donald Trump. Participating on a panel at the Brown Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Blyth argued that the success of a populist candidate like Trump could be predicted based on left-wing parties’ loss of power in Western Europe and the simultaneous rise of right-wing European parties like the National Front in France.

Explaining this trend, Blyth stated, “People have begun to realize that huge amounts of money have been generated by the global economy, but most of it’s gone to a tiny fraction of the population.”

He also shared his ideas on what a Trump administration might look like early on.“Obamacare and Dodd-Frank are gone,” he stated. Blyth also predicted that tax cuts enacted by the Trump administration would primarily be focused on the “overwhelmingly well off.”

Concerning foreign policy, Blyth appeared more than willing to give someone else a shot at proposing solutions to the various disputes and conflicts currently embroiling the country. “The neoliberal yet interventionist Democrats have been an absolute disaster,” Blyth said, pointing to apparent policy failures in the use of drone strikes in Iraq and continued antagonization of some foreign actors. “They’ve been incredibly hostile to Russia,” he added.

Read more of his comments as well as those of co-panelist Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs and Chair of the Political Science Department Wendy Schiller here, or watch the video here.


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