November 14, 2016Forbes

Cybersecurity Should Send Smart Investors Back To School, Alan Usas

“Last year alone, investors poured a record $3.3 billion in capital into 229 cybersecurity deals,” according to Brown Executive Master in Cybersecurity Program Director Alan Usas. “The threats of cybersecurity attacks and breaches aren’t going away, making this market a tremendous growth opportunity for investment. But how many investors really understand the depth of the problem in ways that will enable better, smarter investment decisions?”

In this Forbes article, Usas discusses the need for investors to gain an understanding of cybersecurity that spans technology, human factors, policy and privacy. Yes, we need them to fully grasp this complex global threat to ensure the success of the smartest and strongest cybersecurity products and services. But, we also need them to factor in the competency of all companies’ cybersecurity strategies into their investment decisions. It will be a poor investment regardless of the brilliance of a company’s new widget if the company gets hacked and loses all credibility.

Brown’s expertise in cybersecurity is one of the many advantages that IE Brown offers professionals that want to lead in today’s complex global markets. To see an example of an IE Brown alum that leveraged their IE Brown experience to expand into cybersecurity, check out Cyber Liability Breakthrough from IE Brown Alum 2012, Garrett Koehn.

To read Usas’s Forbes article, go here.


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