July 12, 2017Brown University

The Brown University Experience

We’re back with IE Brown 2018 Konstantine Sukherman as he hurdles past the program’s second residential session. Having met for the first time on the IE campus in downtown Madrid Spain last March, Konstantine reunited with his cohort on the Brown University campus in Providence RI. He shared,

This was the cohort's first time at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. The Providence experience started with a beautiful welcoming gathering at the historical Brown University campus which is exactly what you would expect from an Ivy League - old, graceful brick buildings, elegant archways, grassy quads - but folded into the hip town of Providence.

When asked about the curriculum and day-to-day experience, Konstantine commented,

Our second semester was filled with new and exciting courses from world renowned Brown professors and thought leaders such as Bernard Reginster who teaches The Spirit of Entrepreneurship, Andrew Schrank with his incredible class on The Political Economy of Development, as well as the combination of business savvy and cutting edge IE Business School's Cost Control with Luis Fernandez-Revuelta Perez and others.

The weeks were busy, exciting, and filled with new knowledge and inspiration. We also had our fun moments, such as getting to know the local artsy and food scene of Rhode Island's capital and up and coming city.

What was it like seeing your cohort members again?

It was great to be back with my colleagues from all over the globe and share our experiences (even though we talk all day on the forums). Some of the people in the program have even started to work together, while others are in the middle of a meaningful transition in their careers...


Did anything unusual happen to you after the session?

If by unusual you mean, getting married, then yes. I got married to the woman of my dreams. Life doesn’t stop just because you’re doing an Executive MBA program. The juggle definitely gets harder but if you want to make an impact in the world, then you might as well get used to having lots of balls in the air.

Check back in with us to get Konstantine’s latest insights on the IE Brown experience.


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