August 22, 2017Brown University

The Beginning of Something Big

Over the past couple of months, I have had the opportunity to spend time with a few of my colleagues in their home cities – an eye-opening experience traveling across the country and gaining valuable insight into their businesses and personal lives.


The IE Brown program is unique because it is at the forefront of education and technology – blending the two harmoniously to create a program that offers flexibility and structure that seamlessly integrates into most work lives, regardless of location.

What I feel was most valuable about my trips was the chance to spend time with my classmates outside of the educational environment. While someone might say, “Hey, traveling to Madrid, Providence, and South Africa isn’t exactly being stuck inside a classroom all day,” those locations do represent academic environments for us as we’re there for the purpose of our program.


Bringing my relationship with these select colleagues outside the academic environment has brought our friendships to new levels. It’s incredibly exciting to sit with them in their comfort zone, drink a beer or smoke a cigar, and talk about life — whatever topic that may be.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my colleagues and will never forget the inside look I got into their lives. From their favorite cafes to meeting their families to exploring the city, I was able to view them from a different, clarifying perspective.

I believe I will look back on these trips in 20 years, over a beer with these same people, and reminisce with them about the beginning of something big.

This is one post in a series of posts written by one of our IE Brown students, Konstantine Sukherman. Konstantine is currently enrolled in the program and is giving his insight on his experience and growth.


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